Welcome, Fall Fashion!

By Mischaela Advani | @TheBCBlonde

Hellooooo dear reader! I’m the new fashion contributor to The Social, Mischaela Advani, although I’m also known as the Big City Blonde in some stylish circles. My moniker, is also the name of my fashion blog which you can check out at I’m a bonafide style expert, and I’m here to share with you all of my insider tips and tricks for shopping like a pro, repurposing old favorites, and building a signature style you love.


As we’re launching the blog officially in October, I wanted to share with you my “Fast Five” transition into Fall pieces. With these five staples, your wardrobe can make the leap from Summer sun to Autumn cool.

  1. A light-weight leather jacket (see above!)

If you haven’t already added a light-weight leather jacket to your transition to fall wardrobe, do so this season. As the late Summer nights wind on, they tend to get chilly. You’ll turn to this piece time and time again to keep you cozy in August evenings, dress down your dressier pieces, and keep you toasty through the windy fall days.

Mischaela Advani

  1. Black tights! Stock up!

As I said in my blogger bio, I just can’t live without black tights. Stock up on these Fall-proof staples, because they double your fall wardrobe (your skirts and dresses won’t be relegated to the back of your closet) and can act as a cozy under layer for late fall under jeans and dress pants.

Mischaela Advani

  1. Silk and satin, fall proof skirts.

One of the trickiest things about the Summer to Fall transition is dressing your legs in layers that are appropriate for the Summer sun, yet cozy enough when the evening wears on. You no longer have to choose between dressing for the day or the evening when selecting pieces in the Summer to Fall transition. Silk and satin, mid length skirts are my best advice for tackling September and early October dressing.

Mischaela Advani

  1. A strappy but substantial transitional shoe.

It’s hard to go from sandals and espadrilles straight to boots and oxfords. ZARA always has a lovely selection of Pre-Fall footwear for the transitional months. I picked up these chunky heeled bootie meets sandal hybrid there last Summer and can’t get enough of them.

Mischaela Advani

  1. Summer silhouettes in darker basic and jewel tones.

Although it may still be relatively warm out, keep your look transitional by wearing pieces in Summer cuts but with darker color palettes. I turn to midi skirts and sleeveless shells in emerald, plum, burgundy, and black as my Summer tan fades and the weather changes. The look is fresh and professional.

I hope you found some helpful tips on how to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. If you have some wisdom to share, please leave some of your tried and true tips and strategies in the comments. And as always, personal style is always ahead of the trends.