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Two Pieces of Bad First Date Advice That You Shouldn’t Listen to

By Anita Chlipala | @AnitaOnLove

There’s so much dating advice on the internet these days, and some of it makes me cringe, especially when it comes to what not to do on a first date. The first date is particularly important because as much as you may text each other before the date, nothing matters more than first impressions and the conversation that follows. Below are two pieces of bad first date advice that you should never follow: Continue Reading


14 Days of Love & Romance

By Anita Chlipala | @AnitaOnLove Although I think it’s important to make big displays of love – like Valentine’s Day – the little moments count a lot more in maintaining romance and stability in a relationship. Expressing day-to-day attention,…


Say Hello to Great Love in the New Year

By Anita Chlipala | @AnitaOnLove I love the New Year. It’s a time to hit the reset button and make sure that you’re creating the kind of life you desire. I want only the best for you in your…