Overcoming Obstacles

by Susanna Kalnes | @susannakalnes

Hello beautiful people! I’m Chicago-based fitness master trainer, PR guru, and motivational speaker Susanna Kalnes. I am thrilled to be a contributor of The SOCIAL Life blog, as it has been a mission of mine for the past decade to not only live a fit and active lifestyle myself, but also to show people how they can lead a very social, fulfilling life while still prioritizing their health. I am full of inspiration and can’t wait to share my successes, ideas, and tips with all of The SOCIAL Life readers!


I’ll start by telling you why I am in the position to help others overcome their health/wellness obstacles. When I was just 25 years old, I was diagnosed with a heart condition (an abnormally thick mitral valve) and I was told by several doctors that I HAD to focus more on my heart health. So I literally overhauled my lifestyle, prioritized fitness, lost 40 lbs., and transformed the entire course of my personal and professional life.


My lifestyle choices have brought some incredible opportunities my way like being a Master Trainer a mega-huge international fitness business and speaking in front of large audiences all over the U.S. about how to reach greater emotional and physical strength. I am frequently featured in the media (TV, radio, and in awesome print publications like USA Today and SHAPE Magazine).


That’s a little bit about me – but I want you to know that from this point forward, my blog is going to be all about YOU!! Visit my blog monthly to learn, grow, and improve all areas of your fitness, wellness and health. See you soon!