Tips To Live a Balanced Life

By Sarah Baker | @Balanced_Babe

What would you do if you had a chance to dive into any career you want? Would you already know what your passion is?

Would it be scary, exciting, and exhilarating all wrapped in one? I took my own leap of faith and jumped into a new career path while feeling unsatisfied with my current life’s path.


My name is Sarah and I am the founder of and the BeHealthful Retreat. I live, eat and breathe holistic health and integrative wellness. If you asked me three years ago if I knew where I was going to be in my life today, I would have laughed up a lung. I was head deep in the fashion industry as a model for 13 years, focusing on always maintaining the skinniest frame that I possibly could, always being conscious about what I ate… and I mean always. More frequently than not, I felt insecure and was consistently comparing myself to other models.

While in Istanbul, Turkey, on a three month work trip, I began a vegan diet and realized I had never felt healthier. I quit smoking, experienced my own awakening, realized the true essence of beauty beyond the external and came to the realization that the modeling industry was undermining my beliefs. So… Balanced Babe was born. Now I am a certified plant-based nutrition and holistic health coach, and women’s empowerment and self-love advocate.


When I decided to change career paths, I was nervous beyond belief. I wondered if it would take a while to transition into a new industry, and if all of my business ideas would take off. After a year and a half’s worth of blood, sweat and tears, I successfully produced a women’s wellness conference, launched my brand, and helped clients regain their health and confidence.

This is what I learned while on my transformative journey…


1. Don’t waste time thinking of how you will get something done, just do it.

Too many times I find myself thinking about how to accomplish a difficult task or project, and come to realize that I’ve wasted a whole week thinking and not doing. Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier, start a new goal, think about that first step you need to take, then take the leap!

2. Don’t surround yourself with people that will make you doubt yourself.

Whoever I was friends with that made me feel like I couldn’t accomplish a goal, I cut out. These can be friends, coworkers, and unfortunately sometimes family. Anyone who makes you feel like you aren’t capable of success is only reflecting their own insecurities.


3. Listen to yourself, what your own consciousness and physical needs are, and cater to that.

Don’t follow fad diets, don’t label yourself if you aren’t 100 percent sure about it, and don’t try to lead a lifestyle that feels like too much of a challenge. Try to hone in on your intuition. Eating and living healthy should be a lifestyle, not a hard task. It’s ok to deviate from your plan, you are human.

4. Stop worrying about competition, there is enough success in the world for everyone.

This is the most important lesson I learned while experiencing my own awakening and I still remind myself of it today. Do not worry about competition. It’s perfectly fine to have a competitive edge, but to waste more than a couple minutes on the idea will tarnish your productivity. People don’t realize that there really is enough success to go around. My personal belief? To partner and promote each other instead of working against each other.

If you can utilize some of these action items to find your way, then you are on the right path. I am so excited to share all of my holistic tips, healthy lifestyle advice and strategies for being a balanced babe with you on The SOCIAL Life!

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