Let’s Talk About Love, Myth vs. Reality

By Anita Chlipala | @AnitaOnLove

As a dating and relationship expert, a large part of my job is educating people about what makes relationships work. I help clients in all stages of relationships, from those trying to figure out what to look for in a partner to helping couples fall back in love with each other.

Some of my clients believe myths that actually keep them from a happy relationship. What about you? Test your relationship IQ! Are the following a MYTH or REALITY?

  1. A relationship should have relatively few differences.
  2. You can do things to ignite mad passion with your partner.
  3. Common interests keep people together.
  4. Marriages can be repaired after an affair.
  5. Conflict is bad for a relationship.


  1. MYTH: It’s impossible to see eye-to-eye with your partner on everything, or even most things. You don’t have to be opposites, but you will have degrees of differences. It’s what’s makes us human and that’s ok.
  2. REALITY: Some people think once the passion is gone, it’s gone forever. But that’s not true. You can re-ignite passion in several ways, including getting out of a routine and working on building a stronger connection between you and your partner. You can take a class together, do something out of your comfort zone, or share your hopes and dreams.
  3. MYTH: You can share the same interests yet treat each other poorly while engaging in the activities! That won’t help your relationship. However, you can have separate interests and use that as a connector – it gives you both something to look forward to and to talk about.
  4. REALITY: Despite common belief, it IS possible to heal a relationship after an affair – and to make your relationship stronger than ever.
  5. MYTH: Conflict, if handled well, can be healthy. And research shows that NO conflict is actually worse than having conflict.

Stay tuned for future blogs on The Social Life where I’ll discuss each of these points with tips – and much, much more! Cheers to your best love life yet!