Getting Cheeky

By Laurie Leopold | @312Beauty

I’m always curious to know what that one beauty “must” is in a woman’s routine. I hear a lot of women say they’ll never leave the house without mascara or that they feel naked without tinted moisturizer. There are days I wear nothing and feel awesome – and you should, too! – but I also totally understand having that one power product that makes you feel put together.


For me, that’s usually a bright and cheery color on the cheek.  It perks me up on an emotional level and adds some much-needed color to my complexion. It’s my favorite accessory. While I’ve mixed it up over the years with types of blush, everything from powders, gels, stains and creams, I’ve pretty much always applied it in the same spot on my face. Muscle memory, you know? So when I met Rose-Marie Swift, of RMS Beauty and makeup artist to Giselle, Miranda and the model crew, I paid close attention to everything she did. And wouldn’t you know, game-changing blush tip.


She took the brightest pink in her collection, Sublime Lip Shine (yes, her products multi-task!), and dabbed it high on the cheek. She said our instinct is to apply under the cheekbone and to the side of the nose but by blending it higher on the face and outward we give a lifted appearance.  It’s a subtle tweak that has a noticeable impact.


Give it a try! Don’t be scared to switch it up and try new things. Beauty routines are meant to be shaken up.

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    August 31, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    I don’t always wear makeup, but if I feel the need to only wear one product, concealer is the best ☺️