DIY Leather Dog Name Tags

By Rynell Cook | @Rynell_Cook

Welcome to our very first DIY post! I’m excited to share fun DIY projects that you can easily re-create at home with your friends and family!


Alright, first up I’m going to show you how to create personalized dog name tags! I was inspired to do this project because I LOVE our chocolate lab puppy, Livy… but often times I remove her metal name tags because of the clinking noise they make! Hello, more sleep! Not to mention, leather is a great material because it’s easy to work with and also has beautiful texture and color options!


For any of my leather DIY projects, you can easily find some nice inexpensive scrap leathers online (see links below). I promise, once you start crafting and doing these things with your own hands, you’ll feel the instant gratification and be hooked before you know it! Not only are these crafty little dog name tags a great way to personalize your own dog’s collar, but they can be creative and thoughtful gifts for all of the animal lovers that you know!


-Leather pieces, find plenty of options online here and here
-Metal letter stamps, find similar here
-Scissors (I prefer leather-cutting scissors), find similar here
-Leather hole puncher, find similar here
-Key ring(s), find similar here
-Drafting tape (to help you spell in a straight line)
-Pen or pencil

#1) Find a shape that you would like to use (circles, squares, bone shapes) and cut a stencil

#2) Place stencil on backside of leather and trace with your pen/pencil


#3) Using your sharp leather-cutting scissors, cut your shape out


#4) To create your hole for the keyring, use your leather hold puncher to punch a hole at the top of your cutout piece of leather


#5) Using your drafting tape, tape a straight line across your cutout piece of leather to lineup your metal letter stamps


#6) Space out your letter stamps onto the leather tag – understand your working space


#7) Hammer each metal letter stamp one-by-one to create your dog’s name


#8) Attach your new name tag to the keyring that you created and place on your dog’s collar and/or gift the name tags to the dogs around the neighborhood, as I did here for Livy’s friends: Freddy, Cha-Cha, and Billi!