Let’s Build Your Business Together! Step 1

By Leah Caplanis |  @88SOCIAL

Hi! I’m Leah, Founder and CEO of  a health conscious wine company called SOCIAL Enjoyments.  Launching my own business has always been a dream of mine, and in August of 2014, SOCIAL officially launched! We had one product, Hibiscus Cucumber Sparkling Sake Wine and here’s what it looked like.


This is called a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP in startup lingo. MVPs help us get out in the market quickly and inexpensively so we can learn and improve.

The ups the downs, the huge wins and the scary 401k withdrawals, it has been a wild ride that I would absolutely never trade. Now that SOCIAL has had some big wins, and I am feeling like I have a good feel for what needs to be done, I would like to help you feel confidant and supported to take steps towards bringing your creation into reality.


So for the next year, each month, I will post steps to help you start your own business. Yes….for you to start your own business now! And, don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be the ultimate business or organization idea of your life…though that would be great too!  I’ve started several other businesses since I was in college and all that practice helped me feel ready to dive all in.



Ok so To Do List #1, and we will start off slow with two quick questions…

1.) What Are Your 3 Main Passions?
(health, dance, writing, singing, reading, research, art) The more unique or specific the better. What do you spend a lot of your time doing anyway and want to continue learning more and more about?

Example: Here’s mine.
1.) Spirituality (meditation, love, positive thinking, self actualization ect.)
2.) Holistic Nutrition (Superfoods, veganism, detox )
3.) Business and Communications (Marketing, one-on-one conversations, public speaking, reading).

What are yours?

2.) What are three of your main skills or talents?

1.) Marketing
2.) Sales/Communications
3.) Management & business development


I would love to see your answers below or just jot them down. Over the next month start to see what pops in your mind about how these passions and talents make you uniquely capable of making the world easier, less expensive, faster, more fun etc. than anyone else. Ask & you will receive…

Would love to see what your brainstorm reveals! If you have any q’s please leave them below.

I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to share in and contribute to your journey! Can’t wait to see what you create!