14 Days of Love & Romance

By Anita Chlipala | @AnitaOnLove

Although I think it’s important to make big displays of love – like Valentine’s Day – the little moments count a lot more in maintaining romance and stability in a relationship. Expressing day-to-day attention, affection and gratitude is essential to strengthening your love for your partner.

Valentine’s Day is 14 days away. Take these next two weeks to focus on the things you admire and appreciate about each other. Starting today until Valentine’s Day, reflect on each day’s exercise and spend a few minutes sharing each of these with your partner. Taking time to reflect on the positive daily moments is a habit that requires some effort, but it will make a big difference in helping you to feel more satisfied and closer to your mate.

Day 1 Recall 3 extremely happy and meaningful moments in your relationship.

Day 2 How does your partner demonstrate strength? Share with them the moments you see them demonstrate this trait.

Day 3 Tell your partner: What I have learned from you is ______________.

Day 4 What is the best part of your partner’s personality?

Day 5 Think about the moments your partner was thoughtful. Share with them what they do or say that shows thoughtfulness.

Day 6 Give a small gift that lets your partner know they are on your mind.


Day 7  How does your partner kiss you that you find tender and/or drives you wild (in a good way)? Is it a technique, on a certain body part…?

Day 8 When was your partner reliable or responsible? What specific actions demonstrate this trait in them? Why is this important to you?

Day 9 Tell your partner: One of the best things you’ve ever done/said to me is ______________.

Day 10 If you could re-live one day over with your partner, which day would that be? Why?

Day 11 When are you most proud of your partner (or when have you been)?

Day 12 Say this to your partner: I find it incredibly hot when you ______________.

Day 13 Recall 3 moments when your partner demonstrated support toward you.

Day 14 Happy Valentine’s Day! What are you MOST grateful for about your partner?