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    Welcome to The SOCIAL Life, a monthly lifestyle blog for all things healthy, happy, and beautiful! My name is Leah, CEO of SOCIAL Enjoyments.

    When I launched SOCIAL in 2014, I began going to tons of events across Chicago and meeting hundreds of amazing powerful women who had so many incredible things to share.

    So, I decided to bring some of these brilliant babes together to provide their approach on all aspects of living a healthy, fulfilled life. From love advice to nutrition and fitness, we’re happy to bring the musings of these experts to you once a month.

    Our writers are deeply passionate about their chosen topic and love sharing their knowledge with others.  Something I love (and what you will love) about them!

    The mission of The Social Life is women sharing with other women so that together we can all enjoy life more! Living healthy, having fun, and making the world a better place to be.  So come along, and live and learn with The Social Babes!




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  • Love

    A Woman’s Top Dating Mistake

    By Anita Chlipala | @anitaonlove  You finally met someone. You’ve had several email and text exchanges, and maybe had a date or two. You think this person is great, and you…

  • Style

    2016’s Color of the Year – Rose Quartz!

    by Mischaela Advani | @thebcblonde Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada famously snipped “Florals for Spring,  how innovative!” It would seem every spring the fashion forecast brings us floral print…

  • Fitness

    Exercise Tips for the Traveling Gal

    By Susanna Kalnes | @susannakalnes Last year I took more than 30 flights – some domestic, some international.  And for those of you doing the math, that means I was flying…

  • Business

    Creating the Ideal

    By Leah Caplanis | @88SOCIAL Ok ladies, you’ve applied your passions, paired them with your skill set and conducted market research to find your target audience. Now what?…

  • Nutrition

    Detoxing with Ayurveda

    By Sarah Baker | @Balanced_Babe I sat down this month with Monica Yearwod, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, to chat about all things Ayurveda. We discuss the different types of Doshas, Ayurveda rituals for naturally…

  • Beauty

    Now Trending in Beauty… Turmeric

    By Laurie Leopold | @312Beauty Turmeric isn’t a spice I cook with much, but I’m all about it in my beauty routine. The spice rack is a great source of skin…

  • Fitness

    To Lift or not to Lift?

    By Susanna Kalnes | @susannakalnes Ladies, I’m not going to lie to you. Every time I enter the weight room at the gym, I feel like all the men stop what…

  • Business

    Finding Your “Who”

    By Leah Caplanis | @88SOCIAL You’ve applied your passions and talents, so how can you be sure the product you’ll create will appeal to others? Conducting market research is a great way to understand…